A Typical Lesson

Each lesson is for 30 minutes every day. A typical tutoring lesson would include each of these activities, usually in the following order:

1. The child rereads several (at least two or three) familiar books. A good reading at this point will sound good with good fluency and phrasing.

2. The child rereads a book introduced in yesterday's lesson with no teacher input, while the teacher does a running record (observes and records the child's reading behaviors). After the reading the teacher chooses 2-3 teaching points.

3. The child is guided towards developing letter knowledge and word structure awareness and familiarity using magnetic letters on a whiteboard.  Fast recognition of letters and links to sounds are important.

4. The child writes a story with the teacher providing opportunities for him/her to hear and record sounds in words. 

5. The child rearranges his/her story from a cut-up sentence strip provided by the teacher. He/she then checks their construction of the sentence and self corrects any errors, or if necessary is aided by the teacher.

6.  The child listens to the introduction of the new book and then attempts to read the new book. The teacher takes note of what the child can/cannot do.